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Top 10 Famous Streets In Canada

Of course, there’s more to look forward to than Canada’s generous black Friday deals. From the bustling avenues of Toronto to the charming lanes of Quebec, Canada boasts a tapestry of streets that are much more than just transportation routes. They encapsulate the nation’s history, culture, and culinary delight. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the most famous streets in Canada. Curious? Let’s delve …

The Effect Vaping Has on the Art Industry

Vaping is changing the industry by making it cheaper, healthier, and more accessible to billions of people. As a result, more people are turning away from traditional cigarettes and the tobacco industry,  and this has made a significant impact on the art world. Here’s why:
It’s a Way to Show Your Personality
Vaping has become a way to show your personality. The latest Bargain E Juice comes in a variety of colours, shapes, and sizes. They can be used with different liquids and e-liquids, there are even mods that are shaped like hearts…

Toronto is Canada’s Most Colorful City. Here is How to Take It In.

Many people believe that Toronto is the most colorful city in Canada due to its diversity. The city is home to people from all over the world, which makes it a very vibrant and colorful place. There are also many events and festivals held in Toronto that add to the city’s lively atmosphere. Toronto is a place where you can find something for everyone.
The art in Harbourfront is on another level. You can find contemporary, abstract, or traditional art in all genres and sizes. The gallery district is easily accessible by foot from…

Where to Find Street Art in Canada

Some popular places to find street art include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. You can also find street art in smaller cities and towns. 
Street Art in Toronto
Toronto is a great place to view street art. The city has several areas where street art is concentrated, making it easy to find and enjoy.
The Graffiti Alley is located in the Fashion District and contains colorful murals and tags. The Graffiti Alley is a great place to take photos and a popular spot for graffiti artists to display …

Bring Back Main Street Canada

Please bring back the main street. Canada is a plea from Canadian artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who want to see their country’s iconic thoroughfares restored and revitalized. The campaign was created in response to the closure of main street Canada in Montreal, Quebec, in 2014.
There has been a consistent trend in recent years of artists expressing their anger through their art. This can be seen in works such as “Main Street Canada,” created by Toronto-based artist James Cerne. 
The artwork …