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Everything U.S. Travelers Need to Know About Main Street Canada Right Now

Main Street Canada is a charming and unique travel destination with much to offer visitors. From its beautiful scenery to its friendly locals and many activities, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this charming town. Here are some key things to know about Main Street Canada right now:
U.S. travelers need to know that the main street Canada organization provides them with a wealth of information about the country. This site offers travelers a wealth of information about the attractions, events, and other happenings in Canada. 

National Park Face Mask Requirements Are Returning Due to Rising Case Numbers

Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry has announced that face mask requirements are returning to provincial parks due to rising case numbers. The move comes as Nova Scotia Health Authority warns the public that the spread of enterovirus 68 has increased and is now seen in all age groups.
The Rocky Mountains Mask Mandate
The Canadian government has not issued a nationwide mask mandate. However, some provinces and territories have implemented their orders. For example, all indoor public spaces in Alberta must have a mask dispenser, …

Toronto is Canada’s Most Colorful City. Here is How to Take It In.

Many people believe that Toronto is the most colorful city in Canada due to its diversity. The city is home to people from all over the world, which makes it a very vibrant and colorful place. There are also many events and festivals held in Toronto that add to the city’s lively atmosphere. Toronto is a place where you can find something for everyone.
The art in Harbourfront is on another level. You can find contemporary, abstract, or traditional art in all genres and sizes. The gallery district is easily accessible by foot from…

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Where to Find Street Art in Canada

Some popular places to find street art include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. You can also find street art in smaller cities and towns. 
Street Art in Toronto
Toronto is a great place to view street art. The city has several areas where street art is concentrated, making it easy to find and enjoy.
The Graffiti Alley is located in the Fashion District and contains colorful murals and tags. The Graffiti Alley is a great place to take photos and a popular spot for graffiti artists to display …

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