Bring Back Main Street Canada

Please bring back the main street. Canada is a plea from Canadian artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who want to see their country’s iconic thoroughfares restored and revitalized. The campaign was created in response to the closure of main street Canada in Montreal, Quebec, in 2014.

There has been a consistent trend in recent years of artists expressing their anger through their art. This can be seen in works such as “Main Street Canada,” created by Toronto-based artist James Cerne. 

The artwork features a series of vandalized businesses on Main Street, including a bank that has been spray painted with the words “F*** capitalism.”

While this artwork may be angry to some people, it expresses the artist’s feelings. It is important to remember that art should be allowed to express itself in whatever way it wants, without censorship from society.

Suppose we try to censor artists for their angry expressions. In that case, it will only lead to more anger and frustration rather than any positive change. We should remember that Main Street Canada is an art piece, not a real-world representation. 

While it may be angering to some people, it is an important expression of the artist’s feelings. We should let these pieces stand on their merits and not try to censor them because we may disagree with them. 

The artists are working to create a streetwise culture in our neighborhoods and promote social responsibility. They are also improving accessibility for all, from transportation to grocery stores and parks. 

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