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National Park Face Mask Requirements Are Returning Due to Rising Case Numbers

Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry has announced that face mask requirements are returning to provincial parks due to rising case numbers. The move comes as Nova Scotia Health Authority warns the public that the spread of enterovirus 68 has increased and is now seen in all age groups.
The Rocky Mountains Mask Mandate
The Canadian government has not issued a nationwide mask mandate. However, some provinces and territories have implemented their orders. For example, all indoor public spaces in Alberta must have a mask dispenser, …

Canada to Require All Air Travelers to Be Fully Vaccinated: Effects of this Measure on Main Street Canada

The measures generally affect businesses and Main Street Canada by making it more difficult for them to bring products from other countries.
Canada is requiring all air travelers entering the country to be fully vaccinated. The move comes as part of a national effort to prevent spreading diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella. 
Businesses and Main Street Canada will be affected by this change, as it will become more difficult for them to bring in products from other countries. Vaccination rates have been …

A Cross-Border Relationship Is Never Easy. During a Pandemic, It’s Terrifying

Main Street Canada has partnered with other organizations to provide support during COVID-19. These organizations include the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, the Canadian Association of Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 
Main Street Canada is also a member of the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the relationship of Main Street Canada organization with other organizations in several ways. …