National Park Face Mask Requirements Are Returning Due to Rising Case Numbers

Nova Scotia’s Department of Lands and Forestry has announced that face mask requirements are returning to provincial parks due to rising case numbers. The move comes as Nova Scotia Health Authority warns the public that the spread of enterovirus 68 has increased and is now seen in all age groups.

The Rocky Mountains Mask Mandate

The Canadian government has not issued a nationwide mask mandate. However, some provinces and territories have implemented their orders. For example, all indoor public spaces in Alberta must have a mask dispenser, and all workers in those spaces must wear a face mask. 

In Saskatchewan, all public places are required to have masks available for purchase, and workers in those places must wear them when exposed to potential respiratory hazards.

Yellowstone Mask Mandate

The government of Canada has issued a mandatory mask order for all indoor public spaces in the national capital region, which includes the city of Ottawa and the surrounding area. The order took effect on August 1, 2019.

The purpose of the order is to protect residents from the potential spread of infectious diseases. The mask mandate applies to all people who are in indoor public spaces, including but not limited to public venues such as schools, hospitals, libraries, conference centers; bus shelters; and indoor public areas of businesses.

Grand Teton Mask Mandate

Yes, a mask mandate is in effect in Canada. All individuals must wear a mask when in public indoor spaces, with some exceptions, which are children under the age of six, and medical conditions that make it difficult or impossible to wear a mask.

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