Where to Find Street Art in Canada

Some popular places to find street art include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary. You can also find street art in smaller cities and towns. 

Street Art in Toronto

Toronto is a great place to view street art. The city has several areas where street art is concentrated, making it easy to find and enjoy.

The Graffiti Alley is located in the Fashion District and contains colorful murals and tags. The Graffiti Alley is a great place to take photos and a popular spot for graffiti artists to display their work.

Street Art in Montreal

Montreal is home to some incredible street art. These are just a few examples of the amazing work you can find around the city. 

Paint the Streets” by Daze

It was created in collaboration with local artists and community groups, and it’s a tribute to all of the art that has been painted on the streets of Montreal over the years.

The Flower Baron Mural by ROA

 It was created by ROA (Rogue Art Agency) and celebrates the city’s vibrant street art scene.

“Lose Yourself” by Nikko

 Nikko created it, featuring a beautiful landscape reflecting the city’s vibrancy and diversity.

Street Art in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city full of street art. You can find it in buildings, alleyways, and public spaces. There is a lot of it, and it is always changing. For instance, the Art of Chill by Alex Grey is a mural located on the side of a building in Gastown. It features an abstract depiction of a person chillin’ on a bench. 

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